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Occupational Therapy in Community Based Settings PDF

Be prepared for the growing opportunities to practice occupational therapy in the community. Grounded in theory and current evidence, this practical text sets occupational therapy practice in the context of the community. It guides you through the process of developing and implementing community-based programs. NEW ! Chapters on program development and evaluation. NEW ! Organization based on the six practice areas identified by the AOTA Centennial Vision. EXPANDED ! More guidance on how to obtain funding for community-based programs. NEW ! Tools to make learning easier, including learning objectives, key terms, study questions, and a summary in each chapter. CASE STUDIES that bring topics to life and encourage critical thinking. Coverage of a variety of settings across practice areas and across the lifespan where community-based interventions occur, including... forensic settings



ISBN 9780803625808
AUTEUR Marjorie E. Scaffa
FICHIER Occupational Therapy in Community Based Settings.pdf
DATE 01/01/2020

Community Practice. Increasingly, healthcare services, including occupational therapy, are shifting into the community setting. Community-based occupational ... Jan 5, 2019 ... Findings suggest community-based occupational therapy may ... well as community-based mental health settings to help individuals address ...