Hyperscale and Microcare - The Digital Business Cookbook.pdf

Hyperscale and Microcare - The Digital Business Cookbook PDF

Open source, and the Cloud make it easier than ever before to build and deploy software products to a global audience. As a result, competition is tough and prices are under pressure. The good old recipe of just adding more functionality to your product does not work anymore. In this book, Peter Verhasselt and Nick Boucart will explore what it takes to build winning digital products today. Theyll focus on the idea that one should stop building software, and build digital services instead, effectively combining Hyperscale and Microcare : the ability to establish an intimate relationship with each and every of your thousands of users. Peter and Nick will discuss the capabilities and processes you need to build such digital services. They zoom in on the kinds of assets you need to develop, and that will greatly influence the valuation, all supported with practical advice and real world examples. If you are responsible for bringing digital products to the market, this book will give you a head start ! Language : English



ISBN 9782874035081
AUTEUR Peter Verhasselt
FICHIER Hyperscale and Microcare - The Digital Business Cookbook.pdf
DATE 05/06/2020

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