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Environmental Chemistry - A Modular Approach PDF

Environmental Chemistry provides a comprehensive, balanced introduction to this multi-disciplinary area of chemistry. Intended not only for chemists, but also for environmental and other science students, this text carefully introduces the chemistry needed to fully appreciate this subject, placing it in an applied and practical setting. Written in an accessible and readable style, the book assumes only a basic knowledge of chemistry, with the more advanced chemical concepts carefully introduced as needed. Opening with a general introduction to the subject and the practical skills that need to be known, the text then moves on to cover areas of specific interest to environmental chemists. Each chapter starts by covering the theory and concepts, and then describes a selection of experiments that can be undertaken.Environmental Chemistry:• Provides a comprehensive introduction to environmental chemistry, covering all the key areas.• Includes a balanced coverage of both the theoretical and experimental aspects.• Maintains a careful and logically-structured approach, with theory being covered first, followed by laboratory experiments and student problems.• Assumes only a basic knowledge of chemistry, with more advanced chemical concepts introduced as needed.Environmental Chemistry will be invaluable to students in the chemical and environmental sciences, as well as engineering, physical, life and earth science students interested in environmental chemistry.



ISBN 9780471489429
AUTEUR Ian Williams
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DATE 09/06/2020

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