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As products become increasingly similar, companies are turning to branding as a way to create a preference for their offerings. Branding has been the essential factor in the success of well-known consumer goods such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, Kodak, and Mercedes. Now it is time for more industrial companies to start using branding a sophisticated way. Some industrial companies have led the way ... Caterpillar, DuPont, Siemens, GE. But industrial companies must understand that branding goes far beyond building names for a set of offerings. Branding is about promising that the companys offering will create and deliver a certain lever of performance. The promise behind the brand becomes the motivating force for all the activities of the company and its partners. Our book is one of the first to probe deeply into the art and science of branding industrial products. We provide the concepts, the theory, and dozens of cases illustrating the successful branding of industrial goods.



ISBN 9783540253600
AUTEUR Philip Kotler
FICHIER B2B Brand Management.pdf
DATE 08/01/2020

Lessons from Deloitte and 195,000 brand managers. By Brian Resnick, Associate Director, and Carlos Martinez Onaindia, Senior Manager, of the DTTL Global ... far in marketing literature to tackle brand management issues in B2B contexts: - a first approach contrasts consumer and industrial markets and consequently ...