An Adventure of Spirou and Fantasio Tome 13.pdf

An Adventure of Spirou and Fantasio Tome 13 PDF

Spirou & Fantasio : reporters and adventurers. Accompanied everywhere by his friend Fantasio and his pet squirrel Spip, Spirou is an adventurous reporter who fights all manner of villains in every corner of the world. A hairdryer sent by an unknown party temporarily turns Fantasio into a docile automaton. Coming to in a car that appears to be driving itself, he hears the voice of his abductor, who introduces himself as Zorglub. When an accident allows Fantasio to escape, the mysterious kidnapper tries again with Spirou. In fact, the abductions only purpose is to send the Count of Champignac a message - he and Zorglub are old acquaintances. But what is the enigmatic genius planning ?



ISBN 9781849183628
AUTEUR André Franquin
FICHIER An Adventure of Spirou and Fantasio Tome 13.pdf
DATE 08/02/2020

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